Below are a list of products that I use and love (so far). I get paid if you buy things. When I get paid, I build more sites.

The computer.

What I use to develop.

The dongle.

Because I need all the ports still.

The power bank.

Charge all my devices, including my beloved apple watch.

The water bottle.

I need ice cold water.

The charger.

One charger to rule them all. (And a backup, just in case?)

The pen and paper.

I need help remembering things.

The wallet.

Just a piece of metal to hold my plastic and paper.

The key fob.

So I'm not jingle janglin' around.

The yo-yo.

A classic from my youth.

The toolset.

Pretty much all the tools I need.

The dark sneakers.

Dark, Retro, and stylish.

The light sneakers.

Light, Retro, and stylish.

The hard drive.

For keeping my files and things.

The headphones.

For when I want some quiet time.